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How to manage customer knowledge better

Markus Valtonen - 14.1.2019 10:55

Two years ago I did my thesis about customer knowledge management (CKM) in a Finnish management consulting company. While starting to write the thesis, it was quickly obvious how critical CKM is for companies. How you can manage customer knowledge determines your ability to serve customers better and grow your company. As stated by Gibbert et al. (2002), CKM:

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Website Redesign Process: Case Telko

Suvi Saranki - 27.9.2018 11:48

Telko has recently expanded to become a major international distributor of plastics and chemicals and is now one of the leading companies in its field. Today Telko operates in 16 different countries globally. 110-year-old Telko has established its international position on the market thanks to its extensive product range, comprehensive expertise, and unique geographic capability.

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How to integrate a project management tool into HubSpot: Case Novetos

Suvi Saranki - 18.6.2018 11:54

Novetos is a Finnish consulting and coaching firm specializing in leadership development and coaching fresh managers. For over 20 years the company has been improving Finnish leadership and work cultures through the corporate values of courage, wisdom and fairness.

However, Novetos’s working process contained a lot of repetitive stages that had to be carried out manually. Naturally, this consumed a lot of valuable time. Novetos needed help with both improving efficiency , as well as modernizing their marketing.

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Let your Lead Decide - Release Your Calendar

Markus Puhakka - 19.3.2018 12:28

Don't you just love the convenience of booking a meeting with a lead? Always finding the right spot at the first attempt. Life is beautiful, easy and full of roses. All provided by a ChatBot and AI. The result? UX as positive as possible. 

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Inbound Growth Story: Website conversion rates into 40% with the help of HubSpot and Sales Communications

Johanna Virmavirta - 31.7.2017 11:12

With the help of Sales Communications, Toyota Material Handling shifted the focus of their marketing into inbound marketing, marketing automation, and content marketing. Within little more than a year, the company gathered plenty of learning experience and many new ideas, as well as many warm leads for sales.

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Starting A Cloud Revolution – Redesigning Nordcloud’s website to power rapid growth across Europe

Johanna Virmavirta - 28.9.2016 9:36

How do you start a revolution?

Or more specifically — and perhaps more challengingly — how do you start a revolution within the field of B2B IT services? Well, the answer is through a carefully crafted inbound website that combines strategic design, emotive messaging, and stunning landscape imagery.

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