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It´s official ❤️ Sales Communications clients are loyal and decidedly happy

Yvonne Edfelt - 5.7.2019 8:00

Sales Communications is the leading Hubspot Consultancy in Finland. We provide our customers with the best HubSpot consultancy and technological services to help them grow and succeed. Our service portfolio consists of HubSpot onboarding services, website design and implementations, HubSpot integrations and project management services. We have always believed that customer experience and customer satisfaction is the key to success and we continuously strive to knock the socks off our customers.

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Designing a website for Inbound Success: Case Berggren

Suvi Saranki - 12.6.2019 10:58

Berggren is a full-service IP House that has been in the industry for over 80 years. Berggren provides extensive Intellectual Property Rights services, that span throughout the IPR lifecycle. IPR services includes intellectual property rights, and protection, exploitation or commercialization of intellectual property rights.

The goal of the project was to provide Berggren with a modern and customer-friendly website that is easily updated. The web pages needed to be modern and in line with the company's brand look.

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Great Results With Inbound Marketing: Case Aikolon

Suvi Saranki - 5.3.2019 9:21

Aikolon is a wholesaler and distributor of plastic semi-finished products with operations in Finland and the Nordic and Baltic countries. The company has more than forty years of experience in the field. Wholesale products include plastic sheets and plastic rods for industrial use as well as for construction use. In its own production, Aikolon processes plastic sheets and plastic rods for the customer according to the drawing by machining, thermoforming and vacuum forming.

Aikolon's goal was to reach customers who are designing plastic products in various industrial and construction sectors. The company's goal is to help customers in the product design phase as early as possible, thus enabling Aikolon to provide them with the best value add. Knowledge of the different production methods of plastic materials and plastics, in general, is highly important whilst designing and manufacturing a successful and cost-effective plastic product. Aikolon is happy to assist and support the customer in this phase.

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How to manage customer knowledge better

Markus Valtonen - 14.1.2019 10:55

Two years ago I did my thesis about customer knowledge management (CKM) in a Finnish management consulting company. While starting to write the thesis, it was quickly obvious how critical CKM is for companies. How you can manage customer knowledge determines your ability to serve customers better and grow your company. As stated by Gibbert et al. (2002), CKM:

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Website Redesign Process: Case Telko

Suvi Saranki - 27.9.2018 11:48

Telko has recently expanded to become a major international distributor of plastics and chemicals and is now one of the leading companies in its field. Today Telko operates in 16 different countries globally. 110-year-old Telko has established its international position on the market thanks to its extensive product range, comprehensive expertise, and unique geographic capability.

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How to integrate a project management tool into HubSpot: Case Novetos

Suvi Saranki - 18.6.2018 11:54

Novetos is a Finnish consulting and coaching firm specializing in leadership development and coaching fresh managers. For over 20 years the company has been improving Finnish leadership and work cultures through the corporate values of courage, wisdom and fairness.

However, Novetos’s working process contained a lot of repetitive stages that had to be carried out manually. Naturally, this consumed a lot of valuable time. Novetos needed help with both improving efficiency , as well as modernizing their marketing.

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