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Is Sales Communications the best inbound partner for you?



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Is Sales Communications the best inbound partner for you?

Starting a collaboration with an inbound partner is an important decision. Your inbound marketing needs a partner who is ready to work for your success sustainably. You need to find yourself a suitable partner, who is capable of converting leads and customers to your business, but also produce content that makes your customers fall in love with you.

Sales Communications as a partner

We here at Sales Communications know who we are. We know what we can do and what it takes to make you succeed online with inbound marketing. As a matter of fact, we want you to succeed. That’s why we want you to find a partner who is just the right fit to you. We want to be your partner, but the most important thing is to find out if our chemistries match. Not all partnerships can prosper. But those that prosper usually last for a long time and produce value, customers and growth.


We receive leads and contacts every day. Only a few of those become our customers, because only a few are ready to be better than their competitors and grow and succeed online. We don’t want to lead you on and give you the wrong kind of idea of what it takes to succeed, because growth requires its makers. Digital content marketing requires hard work. In order to save your time and ours, we came up with a list of obstacles that might suggest our partnership with you wouldn’t bring you any added value.


We’re not the best possible partner for you if…

  1. You want to outsource 100% of your marketing

You must have a desire to understand what inbound marketing consists of and what it takes to succeed with inbound. Because we work as a part of your marketing, it’s important that you have an understanding on what we do. Success in marketing requires partnership between the agency and the customer. That’s why it’s important that you lead the process, too.

  1. You’re not ready to invest in content

Successful content marketing is authentic and consequently interesting. We want you to prosper and that’s why we require that you respect your customer by producing only quality and meaningful content. If you’d like to publish digital advertorials rather than meaningful content, you don’t respect your customer’s intelligence and you can’t succeed in content marketing on a long haul.


  1. You don’t have the approval of the administration to start inbound marketing and marketing automation

If your company’s administration isn’t ready to grow your business and take internet to the centre of your marketing, there’s no point for us to talk further. Without the approval of your administration we can’t succeed together. Your administration needs to be educated and they must have an understanding before we can continue discussion of our marketing partnership. We recommend that we meet the administration together and seek for approval to the project. Then we will succeed for sure!


  1. You want to find the cheapest possible partner

Producing relevant content takes time and professionalism requires studying. Creating quality content requires commitment. We’re committed to your marketing results. No doubt you can find a consultant who charges less than us. If you’re seeking for the cheapest possible option, we’re not your partner. But if you want results and you’re ready to invest accordingly time, money and skills, we’ll guarantee you the results.


  1. You can’t handle authentic feedback that is based on facts

In online marketing you can’t really lean on assumptions. We never rest anything on to a gut feeling, because we measure everything. If you want to continue using measurements made of cotton candy fluff, we’re eventually going to end up in trouble. We measure everything and base our activities to our own knowledge that we have tested on many other projects in the past. We’re 100% transparent and honest about everything we do. Your strategy, online marketing and website will be inspected the same way as our work. Honesty in numbers is important. Without measuring you can’t succeed.


  1. You don’t believe online marketing is suitable for you

Not everyone’s customers can be found online. Yet about 100% of Finnish working aged people are using it. That’s why you should expect your customers to seek information online, too. If you want to achieve results everyone in the project must be involved. Sometimes believing in something can also be blinding.

  1. You want to keep sales and marketing separated

Inbound-marketing aims to grow sales. That’s why marketing goals are connected to the sales’ goals. If marketing and sales collaboration doesn’t work, we end up delivering sales team leads that they don’t contact and there’s no growth. That’s why it’s better to bring administration, sales and marketing together. Afterwards we can start generating leads to support growth.

Still want to discuss with us?

We’re happy to talk with you! Book a suitable time to discuss further about growth, marketing automation and inbound marketing.



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