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Leading the Nordics in B2B InBound & Content Marketing.

Welcome to Sales Communications, an Inbound & Content Marketing agency helping B2B-companies generate leads and grow their business in a digitalized world. 

We work with marketing automation technologies to provide clients with cutting edge results. 

Buying has changed. Have You?

There's never been a better time to be a challenger. Your traditional market space is in serious jeopardy. To succeed you have to transform the way you sell, because your clients' expectations have changed. 

Start your journey with Inbound Marketing, become a thought leader, connect with prospects you never thought existed. Start today to ensure competitiveness tomorrow.

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New visitors to client websites
Annual average increase in monthly visitors
Converting new leads
Average increase in monthly leads generated via websites
Closing customers
Increase in reported revenue growth for HubSpot users

The world's leading marketing automation solution is HubSpot. 

As a Gold Certified Partner and one of the fastest growing Value Added Resellers in the Nordics, you can obtain HubSpot’s services through us. Their methodology and resources are at the heart of our professional services and, combined with our real life experience, we deliver tangible value add.

Take command of the new buying and selling envirornment. Check out HubSpot and see why it's the global market leader.


Mastering content marketing and succeeding in the digital requires many new competences from your organization and its people. It's a lot work and that is where we come in. 

From strategy to planning and MaaS, Sales Communications helps you succeed and transform your marketing and sales process. We work with you you hands on, measuring results every step of the way.

Our approach? The latest know-how, the most relevant technologies and a passion to deliver the results you need. We help you generate quality leads and nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that converts prospects to customers, growing your business and client base step by step in the right direction. 

See our success story with Document House Oy finnish Xerox partner.



Messaging, InBound, digital, content, social media & SEO

How will you play the game to win? Let's formulate the right strategy for your company. Start generating leads now.

Planning & Design

Design, campaigns, game plans and editorial calendars

From detailed game plans incorporating your marketing activities to blogging, webinars and events, we get hands-on.

Sales Websites

An integrated approach with website, landing pages, email, social media, etc.

Website design, build, management and metrics. Our websites generate leads, understand buyer journey and act as platforms for the entire digital mix.


Website content, videos, webinars, email, social media, etc.

Spanning all the tools needed from vidoes to blogs, whitepapers and websites, we deliver 24/7. Our team is InBound certified and experienced.


Marketing automation, CRM, project software, content marketing applications, etc.

The right technology to support objectives is critical. We can deliver the necessary technologies you need to win.


InBound, Buyer Personas, Blogging School, Webinars

From Marketing As Service to our popular training programs like InBound strategy, Buyer Persona & Blogging Schools.

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Good Sign Solutions

Good Sign was looking for a top partner to get the word out about Good Sign’s revolutionary Service Contract Billing software. Sales Communications has a good head on its shoulders and we have been happy to establish that Sales Communications works hands on with our global growth plan producing high quality output.

Taija Engman, CEO 

Taija Engman


Experience Counts As You Strive for Results

Based in Espoo, Finland, Sales Communications works with clients across continents. We're 100% inbound - because we always practice what we preach. 

For more information on references please contact us directly. We would love to share our success cases and illustrate how you can achieve results. 



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