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Our HubSpot success story (and why it matters to you)



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Our HubSpot success story (and why it matters to you)

Regardless of size or industry, most businesses face many similar challenges every day. The challenges in an era of digital transformation become even more pressing. In today’s competitive world, companies need to adopt their operations promptly or they run the risk being left behind. What challenges does your business face? Brand awareness and recognition, website traffic, lead generation, converting leads to customers, social media, blogging and content creation are some of the most common issues companies need to deal with. Do you feel that now it’s time to revamp your business and become more competitive? Well, this is our story of reinventing our business and reaching success.
Sisältöstrategia ja inbound-markkinointi
Our company, Aaltonen & Yrjölä Sales Communications has been there, faced challenges and successfully managed to turn its business around in a short time with the power of inbound marketing and a strong partnership with HubSpot. Sales Communications began as a traditional advertising agency servicing B2B clients in Finland. The traditional, outbound methods were becoming less and less effective at reaching and engaging customers. Realising that the traditional approach is no longer working, we began researching novel solutions to help our clients and teamed up to develop a new business model that was fit for the future. A Twitter search introduced us to HubSpot and in April 2014 we became a Partner with a vision to deliver inbound marketing services that attract –not interrupt–customers.
HubSpot is a world-leading inbound marketing company that develops and markets an all-in-one inbound marketing platform also called HubSpot. HubSpot advocates for the inbound marketing concept in its own award-winning inbound marketing resources available at the Marketing Library as well as HubSpot Academy and Certification programs. Also, HubSpot’s marketing and sales software helps users optimise their website to attract more prospects and convert them into leads and paying customers; it includes features for social media marketing, email marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization.
At Sales Communications, we became our own first customers (getting a taste of our own medicine!) and began using HubSpot’s software to rebuild our business from the ground up. Using HubSpot’s 360 all-in-one platform and tools, in a short period of time, we revitalized our marketing agency and multiplied our business. Subsequently, we have been able to help hundreds of customers from various industries and sizes to achieve their own goals and overcome their challenges. Over the last 12 months, Sales Communications has grown stronger and stronger with website traffic increased 4x, leads grown 10x and a staggering 100% of new clients sourced from inbound leads. Overall, the effects of the above have resulted in a tripling of our revenue in 2014. We are committed to help you and your company achieve a similar success path with inbound marketing that attracts, converts and delights customers.
Sales Communications is HubSpot Certified and Partner Certified as well as a proud Gold tiered HubSpot Partner, a living proof that Sales Communications executes inbound marketing services to the highest standards. HubSpot's tier structure is based on revenue, retention, engagement and client satisfaction. Our eyes are now on reaching the Platinum level mark, which in practice will mean even more successful and happy clients!
We are honoured to have been interviewed by HubSpot about our success story earlier this month. Read the whole case study on Sales Communications on HubSpot’s website !
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