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Let your Leads Decide - Release Your Calendar



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Let your Leads Decide - Release Your Calendar

Don't you just love the convenience of booking a meeting with a lead? Always finding the right spot at the first attempt. Life is beautiful, easy and full of roses. All provided by a ChatBot and AI. The result? UX as positive as possible. 

Or is it as follows:

- "Hey, is the date X good for you?

- "No, but is your next week's Monday ok?"

- "Can't make it. How about the next month?"


No result. No help found when needed. Life ain't always sunshine and rainbows, but this time it is. Let the AI work for you.


 Chatbot UX


Chatbots helping leads to book a date from your calendar

Imagine, all this happens when the time is right for the lead. Not when it is suitable for you or after rescheduling and moving appointments with the lead.

Hands down, I love artificial intelligence and ChatBots because they make selling easier. We at Sales Communications use Drift as our ChatBot provider.

The best feature of the ChatBot is the calendar. The possibility that a lead can book a meeting whenever it suits them has solved the long lasting problem: finding a suitable timing for both parties during the first attempt.


Drift Chatbot


The outcomes of using Drift's calendar

AI and bots have helped to shorten the buying process as it has freed the buyers to use their power. This is a positive situation because there is no need for unwanted cold calls. 

After giving the opportunity and most importantly the decision to the other half, all the results have been positive. What has happened after releasing my calendar for buyers?

  1. My calendar is being filled with opportunities to help
  2. The actual reservations are with a partner that has amazing questions and a will to speak about their challenges
  3. The person who books the meeting can discuss when it suits him or her.


Test the bot here. 

Chatbot UX 

Buyers want to reach you when they reach out to you

I strongly encourage you to give your possible buyer the decision. Be available when it is suitable for them and help when the help is needed. No longer several e-mails or phone calls only for trying to find a date. Let the inbound show you the way and maintain an exceptional user experience.



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