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It´s official ❤️ Sales Communications clients are loyal and decidedly happy



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It´s official ❤️ Sales Communications clients are loyal and decidedly happy

Sales Communications is the leading Hubspot Consultancy in Finland. We provide our customers with the best HubSpot consultancy and technological services to help them grow and succeed. Our service portfolio consists of HubSpot onboarding services, website design and implementations, HubSpot integrations and project management services. We have always believed that customer experience and customer satisfaction is the key to success and we continuously strive to knock the socks off our customers.

We’re always interested to hear how we’re doing straight from the source, so we regularly ask our customers to rate us using quarterly NPS surveys in the HubSpot Service Hub tool. We knew that our clients were satisfied with our services because our NPS results had been consistently landing at a score of 56. We did, however, feel the need to dig deeper and find out just what we were doing right, and more importantly, where there was room for improvement.



We chose Trustmary (Kokemuksia.fi) as our partner to conduct the independent survey in our name. The customer experience survey was carried out as a cross-study using a random sample of Sales Communications clients found in or CRM system. The respondents were personally contacted by telephone and interviewed, at their convenience, for approximately 15 minutes. 

During the telephone interview, the NPS value, customer experience, as well as the quality of the contact points, throughout the whole customer relationship, were surveyed. The respondents were asked especially where we had succeeded and where the client may have identified room for improvement.

The issues raised by the customers were explored and the contact points were examined through a semi-structured set of area interviews. 

After the interview stage was completed, the results were analysed and the research report was compiled, always maintaining the anonymity of the interviewees.

What we learned

We’re proud to report that the survey respondents gave us a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 57 - actually a full point higher than our score from our continuous survey.

NPS is a widely used business metric that gauges both customer experience and potential for growth. It’s a simple, one-question tool, used to measure customer loyalty. “How likely are you to refer Sales Communications to a friend or colleague?”

Our score of 57 shows that we are providing a stellar client experience. We’re thrilled and honoured to have such a high NPS score. We also found out that 51% of our customers would refer us publicly, that is an absolutely fantastic number - Thank You!


Sales Communications values.

We learned many other things from the survey. Here are 3 interesting insights from the results we analysed.

Insight #1: Richard Branson was right

When asked what differentiates us from our competition and what our customers were most satisfied with, our fantastic, problem solving, energetic and inspiring professionals were mentioned consistently. We´re extremely proud to be able to tell you that our clients described us as; easy to work with, professional, reliable, sovereign, agile, knowledgeable and they respect that we actually practice as we preach.

Quote “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.” -Richard Branson

Insight #2: It really pays to involve the whole company in content creation

We strive hard to provide our customers, as well as our prospects, with quality content. In order for us to do this, we include the whole staff in the content creation process. We´re happy to say that our efforts have not been in vain. Here´s a pick of what our clients appreciate the most; Informative downloadables, interesting and high-quality webinars, tips and tricks that are useful to HubSpot users. 

Insight #3: There is never a no - but reaching the desired outcome, while ensuring the project stays on scope, is vital.

Some companies might rest easy after receiving such stellar results. Not us, we know we can always learn from our customers - and do better for them.

In today´s busy world, project management leadership and time management skills are vital. 

At the start of any project, defining both the scope of the project and its technical and business requirements is the first order of business. By identifying the detailed set of deliverables, or features that are required, we derive the work that needs to be accomplished in order to deliver the desired end product. This is done in close collaboration with business owners and stakeholders, to ensure the project plan and on-boarding is mapped. Sometimes during projects, new business ideas and functionalities come up, that if implemented, will have an effect on the scope of the project. Our customers are very happy with how projects are managed and feel the workshops and process is very good.

There is, however, always room for improvement. Customer feedback is vital to us and the improvements our customers suggested will be taken into account. This means that we will simply find more efficient processes, or tactics, for reaching the desired outcome, while at the same time staying within scope when new ideas arise halfway through the project. 

Success is measured by results. For us, the most important is how our clients feel about their experience with us. Happy customers and ongoing relationships are what we strive for. These results affirm that we’re onto something.

Kudos to our clients and the whole Sales Communications team - You Rock!



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