HubSpot Service Hub - Onboarding

In this article, we describe all the steps involved in implementing HubSpot Service Hub efficiently and correctly.

There are four essential steps to setting up HubSpot Service Hub.

Strategic kick-off call

The project starts effectively with a project kick-off meeting. The kick-off call is described in more detail in this article.

2 x HubSpot workshop

The HubSpot onboarding includes two workshops. In the workshops, we will go through the technical configuration, the foundations of HubSpot, and user training for the tools.

Workshop 1: Service Hub Implementation

The first workshop will focus on the technical side of deployment. Together, we’ll go through how the HubSpot Service Hub is configured to meet your business needs.

We go through the following:

  • Help desk features
    • Communication channels
    • Single mailbox settings and training
    • Ticket system installation and training
    • Live Chat & Chatbot training
  • Using the Knowledge Base
    • The look and feel of the knowledge base
    • Creating self-service content
    • Updating the content
  • Customer feedback
    • Configuring the customer listening process (NPS, CES, 3-point survey, custom surveys)
    • Customer feedback analysis
    • Customer referral program configuration
  • Customer Portal
    • Installation and best practices

Workshop 2: Foundation

In the second workshop, we will focus on the following, as appropriate:

  • Inbound service fundamentals
  • HubSpot Service Hub Training
  • Reporting.

Lifetime support

Your company has a 45 min. Support call once a month repeatedly as long as your company is a HubSpot client. During the call, we will provide technical support, report on what's new and train your team to make more efficient use of HubSpot.

This service is for anyone who has acquired a HubSpot Pro or Enterprise-level license through Sales Communications. Learn more about support here.

Chat & email support

During the onboarding, you will have access to your customer portal, which you can use to ask all possible questions, and an e-mail address, where you will receive support whenever needed.

Can I get support for different HubSpot tasks?

Yes, you can. After the HubSpot Service Hub onboarding, we recommend our HubSpot Partner Services for various HubSpot tasks. Our HubSpot experts will help you with any questions about HubSpot.

Try the service for 7 days free of charge.

HubSpot Service Hub - Onboarding 1599 € + VAT

Clear price. No other costs.


The HubSpot Service Hub onboarding has the same structure no matter what HubSpot Service Hub license your company obtains. Different configurations have different emphases. We will agree on the priorities with you in advance at the start of the project.