HubSpot - restart

In this article, we describe all the steps involved in effectively restarting HubSpot in the event that an existing portal needs to be up and running again.

There are 2 important steps involved in restarting HubSpot.

Strategic kick-off call

The project starts effectively with a project kick-off meeting. The kick-off call is described in more detail in this article.

1 x HubSpot workshop

The HubSpot restart includes one workshop. In the workshop, we will review the situation on the portal and make recommendations on measures to be developed.

Workshop 1: Growth opportunities with HubSpot

The workshop will focus on the technical side of deployment. Together, we’ll walk you through how HubSpot can meet your business needs.

We'll go through

  • the status of your HubSpot portal and we check that all the necessary things have been taken into account and built correctly on the portal
  • business objectives and we provide recommendations for further action
  • the follow-up and what needs to be done on the portal to achieve the goals.

Can I get support for doing different HubSpot tasks after rebooting?

Yes you can. After the restart, we recommend our HubSpot Partner Services for various HubSpot tasks. Our HubSpot experts will help you with any questions you may have about HubSpot.

Try the service for 7 days free of charge.

HubSpot - restart 799€ + VAT

Clear price. No other costs.


👋 The HubSpot restart has the same structure regardless of what kind of HubSpot license your company has. Different configurations have different emphases. We will agree on the priorities with you in advance at the start of the project.