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Marketing Hub Quick Start



Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise onboarding

Here's a summary of what our Marketing Hub Quick Start process includes. In addition to the QuickStart service, we recommend 15 hours of technical work. That way, you get the most out of your HubSpot onboarding.

Opening a HubSpot account

  • Setting up users and user permissions
  • Creating and editing teams
  • Setting up company branding elements 
  • Language and country selection
  • Setting lead revisit notifications
  • Customising cookie and data protection settings

HubSpot tracking installation

  • Installing a code for tracking 
  • Setting up website domain tracking 
  • Limiting tracking for unwanted domains

Migrate your website to HubSpot

  • Connecting the domain 
  • Moving your webpage or blog into HubSpot 
  • Migrations walkthrough
  • Settings for web pages, landing pages, and blog templates

Importing data to HubSpot account

  • Importing or combining contacts, business information, deals, tickets, and products 
  • Importing opt-out list 
  • Assigning ownerships

Marketing tools introduction and training

Content creation training
  • CTA elements
  • Editing and creating pages
  • Publishing blogs
  • Planning and creating SEO content
  • Forms
  • Social media posts
  • Using Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ad tool
  • Creating marketing emails 
Usage training for the following tools:
  • Smart content and personalisation
  • Contact based automation
  • A/B testing
  • Attribution reports
  • AI-led lead scoring (Marketing Hub Enterprise)
  • Tracking customer interaction, clicked elements (Marketing Hub Enterprise)
  • Creating active and static lists
Talk, activate, help, and understand your customers 
  • HubSpot Conversations
  • Creating a chatbot (1 bot)
  • Starting a live chat (1 chat)
  • Importing existing buyer personalities to HubSpot
  • Activating target accounts (ideal customer profiles)
Marketing reporting
  • Creating a marketing dashboard (1 dashboard)
  • Creating different reports (5 reports)

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