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CMS Hub Quick Start



CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise onboarding

Here is a summary of what the CMS Hub Quick Start process includes. In addition to the QuickStart service, we recommend 15 hours of technical work. That way, you get the most out of your HubSpot onboarding.

Opening a HubSpot account

  • Defining users and user permissions
  • Creating and editing teams
  • Language and location settings

Website set up and settings

  • Domain set up and updating settings
  • Theme set up and creating content
  • Customising global theme settings
  • Global content management training
  • Navigation set up
  • Uploading documents to HubSpot


  • Configuring default settings
  • Blogging tools basic usage training

Landing pages training

  • Creating a landing page
  • Content offer
  • Follow-up emails


SEO and content training

  • Creating a topic cluster content strategy
  • How to get SEO recommendations 
  • Activating Google search console

Webpage content training

  • CTA elements
  • Forms
  • Personalisation
  • Smart content
  • Adding videos 
  • Creating language versions

Training and consultation for reports and other features

  • Web page A/B testing 
  • Adaptive testing of web pages
  • Content requiring registration
  • Password-protected pages
  • Content user permissions 
  • Page performance analysation 
  • Webpage traffic analysation
  • HubDB
  • Customised CDN setting
  • Tracking effectiveness of the webpages
  • Safety and performance features

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