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Kick-Off Call Agenda

This article describes what we will go through when you start a client with us. The first step after accepting the agreement is the Kick-Off Call, where our collaboration starts and we get started.

The Kick-Off call involves the Sales Communications team, from the project manager to the experts involved. At the meeting, you will get to know the team and the project practices. 

Example agenda:

  • Team Presentation
    • Who are on your team? 
    • What roles do they have?
    • How does each member join the project, and what is expected of them? 
  • Project scope
    • What the project involves and how the project is implemented 
  • Project management and your support resources at your disposal 
    • Access to project management 
    • Mobile applications
    • Where to find a project in HubSpot 
    • Communication during a project 
    • Where to find a project report 
    • Technical support 
    • HubSpot Academy 
  • Calendar sync on recurring monthly support call (for HubSpot Pro- / Enterprise customers) 
  • Going through the key issues of your business
    • How does your business work? 
    • How do you make money? 
    • What does success look like for you? 
    • How does your current sales and marketing or customer service process work? 
      • What should change and get better during the project? 
    • What are your goals (SMART) 
      • How do you set your goals for the next 90 days? 
      • How about a year from now? What has changed? 
    • How does lead generation work now? 
      • How should it work? 
    • Identified bottlenecks and plans for the future
  • Backlog introduction 
  • Agreeing on weekly project calls
  • Next steps

Note. This is an example agenda that is shaped to meet your goals.