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Keyword Analysis

Let your customers find You.


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For whom?

For customers who want to know what their current Google visibility is. What search terms, search clusters, and questions they should use and focus on to ensure they stand out from the competition on Google.

What it is?

The purpose of the keyword analysis is to understand current visibility and identify important keywords for your business. The analysis will help you to identify the keywords that your potential customers are entering to find information on Google. In addition to individual keywords, the full analysis will provide you with a list of search terms, phrases, and topics that are searched for which you should produce content.


This service will enable you to properly target your search engine marketing and help you get found, ahead of your competitors, by your potential customers. You'll be able to market your offerings more effectively cost-efficiently.

Keyword Analysis content:

  • Keyword analysis and ranking on Google as well as competitor analysis 
  • List of prioritized search terms, phrases and topics your business should focus on in the future to drive search engine traffic
  • Consulting on conversion optimization based on sources
  • A documented Keyword Strategy
  • Quarterly Action Plan

Would you like to know how your company ranks on Google?


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Why choose Keyword Analysis?

Important Keywords

You will know which keywords and search terms your customers use.

Competitor Analysis

You will know how your competitors rank compared to your company.

Content production plan

You will know where to focus your content production resources and how to do content creation systematically.


You will know which keywords to use for Google Ads and which keywords to create content for.

Clear focus and a systematic approach

You will acquire a plan for action and a plan for follow-up.


Keyword Analysis is implemented in one week.



2800 €

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