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What's a task?

A task is something you want to accomplish on your HubSpot. It can also be work essentially related to the use of HubSpot, which you can clearly describe through the customer portal.

For example, the task might be "we need to enable GDPR settings in HubSpot" or "we want to know how the SEO tool works."

You will find a description of the services in this article.

Here are examples of what a task can be:


Task title: Import data to HubSpot CRM

Job description: Can you import the following Excel to your HubSpot CRM 

This would be broken down into smaller tasks, what needs to do to get your data into HubSpot.

Here is an example (10 tasks):

  1. Prepare the data: Make sure the data is formatted correctly and contains all necessary information.

  2. Choose import type: Decide whether you want to import contacts, companies, deals or tickets.

  3. Map fields: Map the columns in your data file to the corresponding fields in HubSpot.

  4. Verify the data: Review the data to ensure it looks correct, and there are no errors.

  5. Start the import: Initiate the import process.

  6. Monitor the import: Keep track of the progress of the import and be prepared to resolve any errors that may occur.

  7. Verify the imported data: After the import is complete, review the data in HubSpot to ensure everything has been imported correctly.

  8. Update any necessary fields: If any missing or incorrect fields exist, update them in HubSpot.

  9. Clean up the data: Remove any duplicates or unnecessary information.

  10. Finalize the import: Once everything looks good, finalize and start using the imported data in HubSpot.

Task title: We need sales training: on how to use the HubSpot Sequence tool more effectively.

Job description: We intend to implement HubSpot’s Sequence functionality and need a few good examples to generate more customer-booked sales meetings.

When such a task arises, we arrange a meeting (the 1st task). We will discuss the matter with you in a meeting and create tasks that we will do in the agreed order. Here is an example (3 tasks): 

  1. Have a meeting: Discuss and agree on your goals for the training 
  2. Plan the training: based on your needs 
  3. Do the training

A task is not a broad description of a desired job (example)

Task title: Create a landing page on our HubSpot

Job description: I like this kind of look. Here is an example (and then a link to the example page)  

The work is broken down into tasks to complete the whole (10 tasks).

For example:

  1. Determine the purpose of the landing page: Decide what you want the landing page to achieve, such as generating leads or promoting a product.

  2. Choose a template: Select a landing page template that best fits your desired design and layout.

  3. Customize the design: Use HubSpot's design tools to customize the template with your brand's colours, fonts, and images.

  4. Add content: Write compelling copy and include relevant images and videos to engage visitors.

  5. Set up form fields: Choose the form fields you want to include on the landing page to capture leads or collect information.

  6. Configure lead magnets: If you're offering a lead magnet, such as an ebook or webinar, configure it to be delivered in exchange for a lead's information.

  7. Connect the page to your domain: Connect the landing page to your website's domain to make it live and accessible to visitors.

  8. Add tracking: Set up tracking for the landing page to monitor visitors, leads, and conversions.

  9. Test the page: Test the landing page to ensure it's working correctly and that the form is submitting information correctly.

  10. Launch the page: Launch the landing page and start promoting it to drive traffic and generate leads.

Here is an example of the blogging process and related tasks (10 tasks):

  • Task 1: Perform a keyword analysis on topic x
  • Task 2: Meeting on the titles
  • Task 3: Interview an expert
  • Task 4: Write the 1st version of the blog and deliver it to the interviewee
  • Task 5: Make fixes as needed
  • Task 6: Find images on the blog
  • Task 7: Design an A/B-tested CTA banner for your blog
  • Task 8: Place the text in HubSpot, position the images and the CTA banner, and publish the blog
  • Task 9: Make a form and the necessary automation for the blog
  • Task 10: Publish the bot to the blog.

👋 Two important things to remember:

  1. Can the task be done on the HubSpot platform or for the HubSpot platform, and is the task related to HubSpot in any way?
  2. Can you describe the task clearly?

You can give the task to us when you answer yes to both.

You'll be able to read more about the service described here.