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How Do HubSpot Partner Services Work?

This section details how our new HubSpot Partner services work. Unlimited HubSpot tasks – for one fixed monthly fee.

HubSpot customers have their own unique needs when it comes to implementing digital sales, marketing, and customer service. When your own skills and time begin to feel limited, it may be time to seek the help of a competent HubSpot Partner for the completion of your various tasks. These may include sales reporting, search engine optimization (SEO), content production, advertising, automation, or administrator training.

Our aim has been to make this service predictable and easy to buy and implement. It covers all the work our experts do on your HubSpot portal to help your business grow.

Service Features

  • Assign an unlimited number of tasks to our Sales Communications team through your personal customer portal
  • We work on the tasks and complete them according to agreed deadlines
  • Your very own HubSpot Team responsible for customer service, at your disposal
  • A fixed monthly fee, all in one lump sum each month
  • Option for a free 7-day trial period – no strings attached.

What does this entail?

We will reserve the resources necessary for you, always working on one task per task queue. If you wish for us to work on more tasks simultaneously, you have to purchase additional concurrent queues. The price of one queue is €599 or €899/month, depending on how fast you want the tasks to be completed.

What is a task queue?

A task queue is a queue of tasks in the To-Do, In-Progress, and Completed categories.




  • Includes all tasks waiting to be worked on
  • We’ll agree on the task order together
  • All tasks in the process of completion
  • Each task queue has one task in progress at a time
  • Finished tasks
  • You can view completed tasks on your customer portal

Tasks are distributed, lead, and created through the customer service portal.

Plans and Pricing

Prices are listed per task queue. One task in progress at a time per queue.


€599 / month

(one active task worked at a time)

Unlimited Pro

€899 / month

 (one active task worked at a time)

  • Unlimited number of users and tasks
  • Assign tasks without restrictions
  • Personal customer portal for viewing task status
  • Tasks are transferred into production the following working day
  • Each task is completed within 1-5 working days (if there is a free queue)
  • Unlimited access to the HubSpot best practices database
  • One task in progress at a time
  • It does not include Developer Service
  • Unlimited number of users and tasks
  • Assign tasks without restrictions
  • Personal customer portal for viewing task status
  • Personal HubSpot Team & contact person
  • Tasks transferred into production the same day (if there is a free queue)
  • Each task completed within 0-4 working days
  • Unlimited access to the HubSpot best practices database
  • One task in progress at a time
  • Includes Developer Service

👋 The price of our service remains the same regardless of what combination of HubSpot products your company uses.

👉 The price is the same per calendar month. The start date does not affect the price in any way. You can start any time and get the service up and running and HubSpot rolling even today.

‼️ Important: Tasks are not based on time. Some tasks can take 5 mins, and some two days. 

What is the Developer Service?

Developer services include services related to technical development, data migration, integration and website development, such as

  • building the main page of the blog and the bases of the blog
  • email templates, as well as landing and thank you page templates
  • building website migration from, for example, WordPress to HubSpot
  • developing new websites from idea to completion
  • data migrations from the old CRM system to the new HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub services

We recommend more queues at the Infinite Pro level if you need much technical development and want to finish your project reasonably.

How many tasks are completed each month?

Based on our experience (and, of course, depending on the tasks and their difficulty level), we estimate that one task queue will produce approximately:

  • 4-10 tasks per month (Unlimited) per one queue
  • 8-12 tasks per month (Unlimited Pro) per one queue

Getting started with a new HubSpot Partner Service

When you start using HubSpot Partner Service, we recommend purchasing an Unlimited or Unlimited Pro plan with at least one task queue during onboarding. This also provides support for various stages of the HubSpot onboarding process, such as email set-up, importing data, editing the sales process, constructing a database, designing and building automation, and all the other work required for adoption. This service is especially fitting for situations where your HubSpot expertise is unavailable, and it stands to reason to use the help of industry professionals.


👉 For onboarding, we recommend the following:

  • 1-2 task queues for Free and Starter plans
  • 2-3 task queues for Pro plans
  • 3-5 task queues for Enterprise plans
  • 5-12 tasks queues for complex CRM implementations with complex data migration projects