HubSpot CRM | Onboarding

Onboarding process and Investment

  • Documentation and implementation of sales process to HubSpot CRM
  • Defining user accounts and roles
  • Modeling and building of the required CRM view

Workshop 1: Sales Process Mapping

  • Defining the required additional fields
  • Importing the existing data to HubSpot CRM
  • Creating users and user roles
  • Defining and creating contacts, companies, deals and tasks
  • The definition of page view
  • HubSpot Sales Hub features

Workshop 2: Onboard Training CRM

  • If needed, creating own fields for collecting data
  • Defining and documenting of deal process to CRM

Workshop 3: Working with HubSpot CRM | One month after onboarding

Investment 8 500 € + vat

  • Unlimited support three months from onboard training
    • Support channels: online, phone, email, live chat, teamwork
    • During unlimited support: four online trainings - topics requested by customer

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