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What is the 7-day Trial?

You can try our HubSpot Partner Services for 7 days – free of charge. In this section, we explain what this means in practice.

When you first start using Sales Communications’ HubSpot Partner Services, you can try the service for free and without risk for one calendar week. Here’s how:

  • First, you select your preferred service plan for HubSpot (Infinity or Infinity Pro)
  • Make a contract with us and agree on a start date
  • From the start date, you have one calendar week (7 days) to assign us unlimited tasks, as is described in the service agreement, to test our service and its performance
  • You can terminate the contract during the 7 days
  • If you do not terminate the contract, it will continue indefinitely with a one-month termination period (the last day of the month following termination)
  • During the trial, the service is available to you in its entirety, according to the selected service plan

The trial period is the same regardless of what combination of HubSpot services your company uses.

👋 You can assign an unlimited number of HubSpot tasks to our experts during your 7 days – free of charge.