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Growth Marketing

Your Digital Growth Partner – Achieving Marketing and Sales Goals


We have worked with Sales Communications for years now. Support is great and fast.


For Whom?

  • For companies who are looking to grow their business by forming a successful and long-term agency growth partnership. 
  • When you want quick results and strive to manage your marketing and sales efforts successfully and cost-efficiently.


What it is?

  • All efforts are guided by strategy and data.
  • All decisions are made based on analysis and data.
  • Marketing Quick-Wins that deliver stellar results. 


  • By boldly testing different technologies, you will find the tools that are right for your business. Changing your mindset without prejudice will help you to replace your less efficient ways of working.
  • Gain more efficient results by agile utilization of a variety of digital channels and technologies.

Growth Marketing as a Service

The purpose of Growth Marketing is usually to grow sales quickly. To us, Growth Marketing means working strategically towards long term goals – while at the same time optimizing results using Quick-Wins.

You can outsource your Growth Marketing efforts either in part or in full. In some cases, complete outsourcing may be the most sensible option. We can handle all aspects of Growth Marketing for you and your company both quickly, efficiently and most certainly effectively.
We offer three different Growth Marketing packages, from which you can choose the one that is right for your business.

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Accelerate - get results quickly

The service is aimed towards companies that want to accelerate their sales efforts. Get quick results using digital channels, generate new leads online, grow your website traffic, stand out on Google and reach your potential customers using social media.

Investment 6000€ / month/12 months contract

Strategy & Consulting

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy – Creating and realigning your sales & marketing goals. Creating Buyer Personas and a solid plan for what content to create.
  • Conversion Optimization – Creating a plan, based on data, to optimize your website conversions.
  • HubSpot Consultations – Marketing Hub, Sales Hub & Service Hub consultation sessions that will enable your team to use HubSpot more effectively.

Support & KPI

The HubSpot Flywheel performance analysis and recommended actions:
  • Analyzing marketing and sales performance against set goals as well as identifying necessary actions.
  • Inbound Marketing Consulting Services: Specific suggestions for improving your marketing actions.
  • Dashboards for management: Real-time reporting on sales and marketing progress.


  • Identifying Strategic Content: Content review and suggestions for content creation that is in line with your inbound strategy.
  • Content plan: Content plan creation and management.

Lead Generation

  • HubSpot lead generation features onboarding and website lead generation optimization.
  • Social Media Lead generation campaigns.
  • Strategy and implementation: Live Chat & Chatbots.
  • Lead Nurturing Automations: Set-up and optimization
  • Growth Hacking: Agile methods for lead generation and sales growth. We will constantly look for new ways and channels that will generate more leads for your company.


  • Web Page Search Engine Optimization as well as Search Term Strategy development.
  • Search Engine Marketing and Key Word Audit.
  • Key Word and Positioning Analysis compared to your competitors.
  • Technical Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

  • Paid Social Media & Organic Reach.

Experience Pro - development and implementation of automations

For companies who require engaging content that speaks to the customers, frictionless online customer experience, Industry Thought Leadership and content creation resources.

The Experience Pro package contains all Accelerate features.

Investment 9000€ / month/12 months contract

All Accelerate features

  • All features of the Accelerate package are included in the Experience Pro package


  • A total of two consultations on a monthly basis (Senior HubSpot Consultant, Full day, Onsite) 

Content Creation

  • Content creation that drives web site traffic and converts leads: blog posts, pillar pages and downloadable offers.
  • Resources to support content creation and digital marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation

  • The development of Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing Workflows.
  • Sales Automation continuous development.


  • Current website development work

Customer Experience

  • Continuous measuring of customer satisfaction and customer experience.
  • Onboarding, development and management of HubSpot tickets.
  • Knowledge Base onboarding  – development, management and content creation.
  • The creation of customer service automations.

Growth - Digital Transformation Strategy

For companies focused on Digital Sales and eCommerce both strategically and in practise. This service suits companies that wish to transform their customer experience, create new business models and make full use of data by implementing system integrations.

The Growth package also contains all Accelerate and Experience Pro features.

Investment 12 000€ / month/12 months contract

All Accelerate & Experience Pro features

  • All services in the Accelerate & Experience Pro packages are included in the Experience Pro package

Strategy & Consulting

  • Strategic Technology Consulting: We will compile a sales and marketing technology suite for you to use to build your current business.
  • Digital Business Consulting for leaders
  • Integrations Consulting
    • Digital Growth & Full Stack Marketing
    • Digital Commerce
    • Flywheel Strategy
    • A Senior Consultant is at your service should you require additional consultations


We operate using the sprint model, which allows for an efficient and agile way of implementing the agreed-upon measures. The sprint model will enable quick results and close cooperation between our teams. 


Accelerate | 6000€ / month / 12 months contract

Experience Pro | 9000€ / month / 12 months contract

Growth | 12 000€ / month / 12 months contract

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