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Designing a website for Inbound Success: Case Berggren



Berggren is a full-service IP House that has been in the industry for over 80 years. Berggren provides extensive Intellectual Property Rights services, that span throughout the IPR lifecycle. IPR services includes intellectual property rights, and protection, exploitation or commercialization of intellectual property rights.

The goal of the project was to provide Berggren with a modern and customer-friendly website that is easily updated. The web pages needed to be modern and in line with the company's brand look.

Case Berggren - Inbound marketing

Also, additional goals were implementing Marketing Automation and seamless integration of the CRM into all aspects of the marketing process, as well as making digital marketing more efficient and thus, generate more quality leads.

Another important aspect was showcasing the experts, in practice the Berggren sellers, as part of the website. Berggren´s goal was to improve lead generation and speed up the process of leads moving from marketing to sales. This way marketing and sales can work as seamlessly as possible.

“The role of our website today, and especially in the future, is to function as the main digital communications portal, from which all communications are built for the whole organisation. It is also very important to us that the website operates as one unified marketing and sales funnel. We felt that the current technology and  implemented solutions, did not serve this purpose, so we boldly sought a solution that would serve us now as well as in the future,” says Heikki Kinnunen, VP of Business Development and Digitalization in Berggren Plc.

“We wanted to make our site modern and easy to use. We also wanted our content to be more customer-oriented”, adds Anu Flink, Sales Coordinator at Berggren.


Clear SMART goals were set

"At the start of our cooperation we defined the goals for the website project, as well as for marketing and sales. These goals created the basis for the website project, and the defined goals will support Berggren's business in the future. The main business objective of the website project was to increase the number of visitors to the website and convert these into high-quality leads”, says Mika Ahonen, Project Manager at Sales Communications Finland Oy

SMART goals:

  • Increase the number of visitors to 8,000 visitors/month by the end of November 2019
  • Increase the number of leads from the website to 25 leads/month by the end of November 2019  

In effect, this meant doubling the number of visitors to the website from 4,000 monthly visitors at the start of the project, to 8,000 monthly visitors by the end of November 2019. The lead target was set even higher. At the start of the project the current website converted approximately 7 leads/month, and the goal for the new website was set at 25 leads/month.

Berggren-referenssi - inbound markkinointi


Why Sales Communications was chosen as a partner

Sales Communications is the leading HubSpot Consultancy in Finland. We help companies grow and create excellent customer experience using the HubSpot platform.

“Sales Communications was selected as a partner because the company is a leading HubSpot operator. We wanted to utilise a technological platform that is versatile and does not limit our digital development. Sales Communications assured us that they were able to help us with this project. The promise was kept, and we are really pleased with how they have been able to help us on our journey”, says Heikki Kinnunen.

“We chose Sales Communications as a partner because they work in a very practical and pragmatical way. We knew them to be reliable. The cooperation has proved successful. Whenever we had any questions, they were answered in a timely fashion. This is a very reliable partner to work with”, adds Anna Issakainen, Marketing Designer at Berggren.


Two projects at the same time - Website redesign and Marketing Hub onboarding

As described earlier, the customer had clear SMART goals set for both the website and for Inbound Marketing. Based on these, we started to design solutions that would enable us to achieve our goals.

The project was divided into two parts, which, however, took place in part simultaneously. In addition to the redesign of the website, this project also involved the introduction of the HubSpot Marketing Hub and the creation of an inbound strategy.


HubSpot onboarding and Inbound Strategy

In order to create the inbound strategy, we started by mapping the current state. Together with the customer, and using the HubSpot reports tool, we analysed the Marketing Dashboard to get a clear picture of all key performance indicators, i.e. visitors, leads, and customers ratio.

We analysed Berggren's Google visibility based on the keywords that matter to the company. Then followed the creation of unique buyer personas, and adding these to HubSpot. To support this, we created a buyer´s journey map and a content strategy containing the different content formats that appeal to each buyer persona.



Inbound Marketing

The buyer´s journey was made visible using the Hubspot Blog, Emails, CTA, Landing page and Forms tools. All actions taken were tied together using the Campaigns tool. In addition to this, we used the HubSpot Social tool to promote the created content on social media.

New call-to-action


Inbound Sales

HubSpot CRM was introduced to support inbound sales and marketing. In this way, all customer data can be found in the same system, and transferring leads from marketing to sales is straightforward. Company information is found in the Companies tool, and individual contact information is located in the Contacts section.

To support Berggren's internal sales process, HubSpot tasks and deals were also introduced.


Reports & Analytics

One important aspect of the website redesign, was the introduction of effective reporting and analytics tools. Reporting uses the Traffic Analytics Page Performance tool to visualise which are the most visited webpages, and what content appeals to Berggren´s customers. Another important reporting tool is the Traffic Analytics Sources, which makes it easy to see which channels are generating traffic.

Since Berggren also uses paid advertising, the Ads tool was also acquired. This enables data gathered from paid advertising to be analysed in one place.


New website using HubSpot CMS

The second part of the project was the redesign and the creation of the website using the HubSpot CMS. We designed the new interface to be modern and easy to use. The look and feel were updated to better suit the Berggren style - modern and international.



Website appearance before the project.


Berggren-referenssi - Inbound markkinointi


Pictures of the new website that was released in October 2018.




The Experts have been spotlighted both in the navigation and on separate pages.

On the old pages, the most important content for the target group was the Berggren experts. One of the redesigning goals was to make it easier to find the experts, and spotlight them and their skills better. We accomplished this by creating a data-based search function and the creation of spotlighted expert pages, photographs, and blog posts to reinforce expertise.

The database was built with HubDB, which utilised the listings view containing the required filtering properties. In addition to the general list containing the experts, we also created a single expert view. In accordance with the database rules, individual expert subpages were created automatically without manual steps.

HubSpot CMS enables the implementation of modular web pages. This allows Berggren employees to independently build the necessary entities, and manage content in HubSpot Website pages tool.

We always keep two important angles especially in mind when developing websites. Of course, the site is to be displayed to the end user as designed, but in addition to the implementation, content management is very important. Our customers need to be able to independently manage their content and create necessary pages themselves, using our modules and templates”, says Chief Technology Officer Joni Laukkonen from Sales Communications.


What kind of results has been achieved so far?

The new web pages were released in October 2018. The number of visitors and leads have already increased significantly, and now Berggren has the means to determine what content matters to their website visitors. As a result of the project, Berggren's website is now modern, user-friendly and supports Berggren's inbound strategy. After publishing the site, the number of visitors has increased, and high-quality leads have been converted to customers.


The number of website visitors has increased by almost 65%, and the number of new contacts has also grown by almost 25%, (October 2018 - May 2019). On a monthly basis, the number of visitors is currently at 5,750 and hence, Berggren is approaching its target goal of 8,000 visitors/month.

The lead ratio per month is currently at 31 leads/month. This means that the SMART goal of 25 leads/month has already been exceeded. On a monthly basis, the amount of leads are about 31 which means that the 25 leads a month goal has already been exceeded.


Feedback has been purely positive

"We are very satisfied with the website and according to the feedback we have received from our customers, the pages are really modern and fresh - visually they are just what we were looking for. In addition to this, the pages are really easy to update just by moving the different elements. We haven´t received any negative feedback from either customers or staff.

This project has been a pleasure to work on. HubSpot as a tool and platform helps us achieve our set goals. On a personal level, this has also meant development as a marketing professional and it has been a very interesting learning process”, concludes Anna Issakainen from Berggren.


Future development target

Berggren has identified a few clear areas for future development:

“We need to further develop our content production, utilising the data in HubSpot Analytics and Reports tool. By analysing the data in HubSpot we can derive which contents work, what pages are visited, and which blog posts are popular. This is the best way to know where to place our development efforts in the future. It really helps us work smarter, when all data and all tools are available on one single platform. We no longer have a need to retrieve data from different sources”, explains Anu Flink.

Sales Communications has adopted the Flywheel model of working; we also help our customers improve their customer experience. In the case of Berggren, this means that the next step is activating the HubSpot Service Hub tools to ensure that customer experience is as good and smooth as possible.

The cooperation with Berggren has been smooth during the project, and we have continued our development cooperation to span several different areas since.


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